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Tales from the Enchanted Forest

Puppets: Bug and Tree
Tales from the Enchanted Forest is an thirty minute performance featuring two original fairy tales written by Nick Barone. Told with humor, music and twenty of Nick Barone's beautifully crafted puppets, this family puppet show consists of two separate stories: The Biggest Little Bug and The Grumpy Old Tree.

The two stories are followed by a behind the scenes look at the puppet show. At birthday parties, the children receive a coloring sheet filled with drawings of the puppets.

Tales from the Enchanted Forest has been enjoyed by thousands of families from San Diego to Seattle since 1995!

As of April, 2007, Tales from the Enchanted Forest now features an all new soundtrack with original music and an original song, "I am a Grumpy Old Tree", written and performed by Nick Barone.


Puppets: bugs

The first story, The Biggest Little Bug, is an original fable of a little bug who thinks he is a little bit too small compared to all the other bugs in the Enchanted Forest, and he wants to grow up.

The little bug asks his friend, the Pixie of the Enchanted Forest, if she could make him bigger. And she does.
Puppets: The Pixie
Puppets: the biggest little bug and the hungry frog
After some adventures, the biggest little bug lets out a mighty ROAR and scares away the hungry frog. But this is not the end of our story...
The second story in this show, The Grumpy Old Tree, is another of Nick Barone's original stories. It tells the tale of a tree who is one thousand years old. After one thousand years of growing in the enchanted forest, he has gotten a bit grumpy.
Puppets: Grumpy Tree with Animals
Puppets:The Fairy Godfather
The Fairy Godfather teaches the tree a lesson about his role in the forest, and helps him to be a little less grumpy.


The Pixie of the Enchanted Forest

Behind the Scenes

After the performance, Nick removes the stage curtains and demonstrates the puppets he designs and builds specifically for his original productions. Nick will demonstrate how he operated his puppets during the performance and explain a little about how he constructed them. Audiences are constantly thanking Nick after the performance for showing them how the show works. Many confess they enjoy the behind-the-scenes explanation afterwards as much as they enjoyed performance itself. This optional demonstration adds approximately10-15 minutes to the length of the presentation.

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