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T-Rex Thunderlizard's Wild West Revue

Puppets: T-Rex Thunderlizard

Nick Barone Puppets presents an all new half-hour musical comedy cowboy variety show of prehistoric proportions. A cast of over twenty friendly dinosaurs, dressed as cowboys, will entertain you with songs, jokes and skits.

This fun-filled prehistoric romp through the Wild West includes sixteen different kinds of dinosaurs. It is chock full of dinosaur facts and it's lots of fun to boot!

So saddle on up for a rip-roarin' trip back to the time of the dinosaurs!




You'll laugh as dinosaurs sing Jurassic versions of old-time classic cowboy favorites like "Clementine" and "Home on the Range". These songs aren't just fun, they're loaded with actual dinosaur facts! If you pay close attention, you'll not only have a good time, you might just learn something too!

What do you get when you cross a triceratops with a kangaroo? You'll find out while you laugh and groan at the classic comic duo, Bones and Fossil, as they tell silly dinosaur jokes and ridiculous puns! Styracosaurus
Corythosaurus Everyone knows that dinosaurs like to stomp around, eat and roar. But did you know they also like to sing and dance? You'll see dinosaurs dance and sing to such old favorites as "Red River Valley, "Turkey in the Straw" and "The Yellow Rose of Texas"!
All dinosaurs had to eat something. Lots of dinosaurs ate plants and some thought other dinosaurs looked delicious! Find out what happens when dinosaurs dressed like cowboys perform a cretaceously comical version of "The Three Little Pigs" with a prehistoric twist! Carnotaurus

Discover the Dinosaurs of T-Rex Thunderlizard's Wild West Revue!

The Pixie of the Enchanted Forest

Behind the Scenes

After the performance, Nick removes the stage curtains and demonstrates the puppets he designs and builds specifically for his original productions. Nick will demonstrate how he operated his puppets during the performance and explain a little about how he constructed them. Audiences are constantly thanking Nick after the performance for showing them how the show works. Many confess they enjoy the behind-the-scenes explanation afterwards as much as they enjoyed performance itself. This optional demonstration adds approximately10-15 minutes to the length of the presentation.

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T-Rex Thunderlizard's Wild West Revue

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