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Puss in Boots

Puppets: Puss in Boots Title

Puss in Boots is an all new thirty minute adaptation of the classic fairy tale and features a cast of fifteen superbly crafted puppets. This comical story is designed to delight families and children of all ages.

The story is followed by a behind the scenes look at the puppet show. At birthday parties, the children receive a coloring sheet filled with drawings of the puppets from the show.



A terrible Ogre has taken over the kingdom. He and his rats have chased the Princess out of her castle and eaten all the food in town.

Luckily for our heroes, the Ogre is not too bright and very clumsy.
Puppets: The Ogre
puppets: Puss
Puss, the talking cat, offers to help the young farmer, Jack defeat the terrible Ogre, save the kingdom, marry the Princess and become King.

All Puss wants for himself is a pair of bright red boots (and to be wealthy and live in a castle).
When Jack goes into town to get boots for Puss, he meets the most wonderful girl. Puss insists Jack should forget the village girl and marry the Princess and become King.
Puppets: The Princess and Jack
Puppets: The Dragon
Puss tries to outsmart the Ogre who is terrorizing the kingdom, but the Ogre has some tricks up his sleeve. What will happen to Puss and Jack?


The Pixie of the Enchanted Forest

Behind the Scenes

After the performance, Nick removes the stage curtains and demonstrates the puppets he designs and builds specifically for his original productions. Nick will demonstrate how he operated his puppets during the performance and explain a little about how he constructed them. Audiences are constantly thanking Nick after the performance for showing them how the show works. Many confess they enjoy the behind-the-scenes explanation afterwards as much as they enjoyed performance itself. This optional demonstration adds approximately10-15 minutes to the length of the presentation.

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Puss in Boots

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