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Puppet Party Ideas and Activities

I have been performing at parties and events now for quite a few years, and I've gotten all kinds of ideas about putting together a fun puppet event.

Hope you find this information helpful! - Nick

Setting Up the Puppet Theater

I'll tell you everything you want to know about setting up the puppet theater on my QUESTIONS page.


How to schedule a puppet show into an event:
I always suggest the puppet show start at least one-half hour after your guests were told to arrive. This allows everyone to arrive and mingle a bit before they sit and enjoy the puppet show.

You can serve snacks or a light meal during the show, but save cake until afterwards. Children don't have a long attention span when they're full of sugar. Cake or food is also a good way to draw people away from the puppet show area and onto the next activity while I pack up and load out.


Where to have a puppet show:

The most popular locations for birthday party puppet shows are the living-room, the back or front yard, the driveway and even the garage.

If your home is too small or your guest list too big, there is probably a community room nearby that you could reserve. Most apartment and condo complexes have one as do most public parks and community centers.

Outdoors (weather permitting) is a wonderful location for a puppet show! There are many local parks in the bay area you can reserve or just arrive early and steak a claim.

To get you started, I have posted a list of all the parks and community centers where I have performed.


How to entertain children before and after the puppet show: Most parties have a theme, even if it's just a "party" theme. Projects keeping within the theme of the party are always fun and add to the overall atmosphere of the party. An example of a classic "party" themed event is the "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" game, just like painting a pumpkin would be a great activity at a Halloween party.

Many people go with a "puppet" theme when they ask me to perform at their party. I've put together a list of products that should help you have fun puppet themed activities at your party.

Everything listed here is available from; just click the link and it will take you off this site and onto's site where you can complete your purchase.

Puppet Making Kits
I've focused on products that offer enough supplies for an average-sized birthday party and/or a house full of kids.

Make Your Own Puppets
Who says a king has to have a beard and a crown or that a princess has to have long, flowing hair? With Make-Your-Own Puppets Kits, your child will love making the most whimsical and imaginative puppets to play with for hours. Contains everything needed to create 12 unique puppets: 12 PuppetStix, 12 stands, over 600 fun and easy pop-out shapes and a glue stick.

Gee-Perz "Make A Puppet" Set
Introducing the stars of the show! Enter, stage right, 24 handmade puppets crafted from heavyweight felt for years of rugged use. This kit includes a book on storytelling, a theater backdrop sheet, precut puppets and assorted felt pieces for easy construction, 6" chenille stems, tracing paper, non-toxic glue and an EduCraft Guide with instructions. Make the puppets and plan a show! Great project for kids of all ages.

Puppet Craft Books
If you're a do-it-yourselfer, here's some books for you!

How to Make Puppets With Children
This book by Joy Evans, will show you how create fun puppets using simple materials.

Klutz Fairies: Petal People You Make Yourself Craft Kit
A craft book packaged with all the supplies you need to make a dozen little fairy dolls dressed in petal-perfect style. It's surprisingly easy to turn the included beads, embroidery floss, florist's wire and fabric faux flower petals into a pack of pixie pals.

I got this book for my niece when she turned 6, and she loved it! -Nick

Get your budding puppeters started with quality built puppets.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Fuzzy Make-Your-Own Monster Puppet
Create hundreds of crazy creatures with this fuzzy friend and its interchangeable parts! Carrying case is filled with weird and wacky eyes, ears, antennae and more for quirky creativity! Suction cup hands are included for window display. Great for travel. Age 3+
Folkmanis Puppets
Headquartered in Emeryville, California, Folkmanis, Inc. has grown to become the premier manufacturer of plush puppets worldwide. Folkmanis offers over 200 of the most heartwarming and realistically designed creatures, both exotic and familiar, on the market today.

My whole family enjoys Folkmanis puppets. I make all my own puppets for my performances, but at Christmas, my niece and nephew get Folkmanis. I trust the quality and admire the craftsmanship they put into their puppets. -Nick

Puppet Theaters
You can't have a puppet show without a puppet theater!

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Puppet Theater
This puppet theater is 4.5 feet tall and features plush velvety curtains. The clock on front lets you know when it's showtime!

ALEX Toys Floor Standing Puppet Theater
This colorful floor standing Puppet Theater from Alex won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio's "Gold Seal" Award. It features a chalkboard on the base to write a message or announce the show and a pyramid shaped top with a clock that has movable hands. The curtains and roof are made of quality, colorful fabrics. Easily assembled from interlocking painted and laminated wooden pieces. Ages 3+


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