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Jack and the Dragon
Jack and the Dragon

Jack and the Dragon is an all new thirty minute presentation that includes original adaptations of two classic fairy tales and features a cast of nine superbly crafted puppets.

This show features the stories: 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and 'The Reluctant Dragon'. Two classic stories, back-to-back in one fun-filled presentation.

Both of these delightfully comical and timless stories have been adapted and updated specifically to delight families and children of all ages.

The presentation is followed by a behind the scenes look at the puppet show. At birthday parties, the children receive a coloring sheet filled with drawings of the puppets from the show.



Nick Barone's "The Reluctant Dragon" is an original adaptation of the 1898 classic by Kenneth Grahame.

The Reluctant Dragon is a wonderful short story about a dragon who would rather recite poetry and play chess than start a fight, even when confronted by a knight.

Urbane the dragon is accused of scaring the villagers. Sir Antonious, Royal Knight and Dragonslayer, is sent by the villagers to battle the dragon. With the help of his friend, Pete the pig, Urbane finds a non-violent way to settle their differences.

Reluctant Dragon

Jack and the Beanstalk

Nick Barone's "Jack and the Beanstalk" is an original adaptation of the classic tale about a boy who climbs a beakstalk in search of treasure.

Jack Varmint is a poor artist in need of new paint brushes. He takes his painting to market in hopes of trading it for new brushes - what he ends up with is a bag of magic beans.

Jack climbs a giant beanstalk up to a golden castle in the clouds. Inside the castle, Jack meets a magic rooster who is being held captive by a giant ogre. Jack rescues the magic rooster and even manages to make friends with the ogre.

Filled with a cast of colorful, friendly characters, 'Jack and the Dragon' is sure to delight audiences of all ages.


The Pixie of the Enchanted Forest

Behind the Scenes

After the performance, Nick removes the stage curtains and demonstrates the puppets he designs and builds specifically for his original productions. Nick will demonstrate how he operated his puppets during the performance and explain a little about how he constructed them. Audiences are constantly thanking Nick after the performance for showing them how the show works. Many confess they enjoy the behind-the-scenes explanation afterwards as much as they enjoyed performance itself. This optional demonstration adds approximately10-15 minutes to the length of the presentation.

Jack and the Dragon

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